About Us

About Us:

SAFE Law Firm is one of law firm in Indonesia which provides legal services for both litigation and non-litigation in various cases. The law firm specializes in Business Law and Constitutional Law. In assisting its client, SAFE Law Firm professionally proposes quality of services, ethics, and idealism of law and justice. Therefore, it is expected that there will be synergy between SAFE Law Firm and its client in achieving the goal. Hence, SAFE Law Firm is supported by young professionals in law with capability, experience, resilience, loyalty, and high idealism.  

Types of Service:

In giving legal services, SAFE Law Firm gives ease of access to its clients in choosing suitable services. The legal services that provided by SAFE Law Firm provided can be in form of assistance to each case both litigation and non-litigation, or as in-house counsel. 

Office Management:

SAFE Law Firm has reliable law experts and professional staffs who have been equipped with good command of English. As a result, these professionals are capable of responding legal cases in a global scale and able to serve foreign clients. In addition, most of lawyers and consultants of SAFE Law Firm have sufficient experience abroad, so they are surely dependable. 

Our Expertise:

The Firm is mainly focused to provide legal services in the area of business law and constitutional law. Therefore, the partners as well as the associates are experts in both areas. Satriawan, the managing partner is PhD in constitutional law and has certificate as legal drafting trainer from Institute of Public Administration, Indonesia in 2011. he is supported by other experts:, Lutu Dwi Prastanta,S.H.,M.H. On the other hand, Sri Widodo is a manager corporate lawyer and he is supported by some associates in business law: Abdus Salam,S.H.,M.H., Dandi Septian, S.H. and Dimas Wisuda Wardono,S.H.

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