Abdus Salam, S.H., M.H.

Salam is a Senior Associate of SAFE Law Firm. Business law is the area that he is working at. This associate has joined SAFE Law Firm since 2011. During his time as an associate, various cases related to business law has also been taken up and has made him more expert in pursuing his career as a lawyer in the area of business law. Prior to joining SAFE Law Firm, this associate ever joined in LKBH and others Law Firm. Besides that, this associate has ever worked in PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Company, Jakarta as Human Resource Department Manager.

He had also ever been as a lecturer in Faculty of Law, Kusuma Negara University of Jakarta. This associate took his bachelor degree at Gadjah Mada University and continued his master degree majoring on Intellectual Property and Economics Law at Diponegoro University. He has also been existing on several researches and one of the research which was conducted in 2014 is “The Optimalization of Intellectual Property Asset of Limited Company on Bankruptcy Law in Indonesia”. As a Business Lawyer, he has handled some litigation cases and non-litigation cases, such as Bankruptcy petition and Suspension Payment at Commercial Court, Intellectual Property Dispute at Commercial Court; Bank Dispute, Investment, Business Competition, and Common Civil Dispute at District Court; Labor Dispute at Industrial Relationship Court; Land and Property Dispute at Administrative Court.

On the other hand, in non-litigation cases, he has handled some legal problems of legal entity, non legal entity, or individual company such as creating business agreement and analyzing the legal risk management aspect of business agreement, analyzing and creating franchise agreement, conducting system management and Intellectual Property Value of a company, franchise license, halal certification, and registration as well as recording of Intellectual Property (patent, trademark, industrial design, and copyright); Conducting Employment Agreement, company’s HRD management (creating SOP, Corporate Regulation, Decision Letter of Direction, Warning Letter, Termination of Employment Relationship, and publishing other legal documents of employment cases); Land and Property Law, Investment Law, Merger, Business Consolidation, and Corporate Acquisition,  Banking and Finance Law of Agreement Restructuritation, negotiation and reconciliation, general auction of asset, and solving bad credit loan. Although his expert area in Business Law, he also conducts legal advocating of common and special criminal cases in investigation and prosecution level. His language skills: English and Indonesian. This associate can be contacted by salam@safelawfirm.com or +62813 9272 7163.

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